We recommend regular care of your pets teeth at home (we can teach you how to do this). The bacteria in periodontal disease can damage your pet’s liver, heart, and kidneys. This is the most common disease in pets and the most easy disease to go unnoticed by owners. Sadly, pets experience much pain when their gums are diseased. The solution? Make sure your pet gets an annual exam. The doctor will notice if he/she needs a dental cleaning. Veterinary dental cleanings include removing diseased teeth if there are any. Your pet will thank you and you’ll enjoy better smelling breath!

Dental Cleaning

Pre-dental. Your pet’s current health status is evaluated by the veterinarian with a physical exam and bloodwork when applicable. Your pet is then placed under general anesthesia for a safe and painless sleep during the dental cleaning.

Tartar removal. The dental calculus and tartar covering your pet’s teeth are first removed with a hand scaler. A mechanical ultrasonic scaler is then used to clean above the gumline where periodontal disease and bad breath begin.

Extraction. When a tooth becomes diseased at the root or fractured, it needs to be extracted to prevent further infection and pain. Extractions are done only if absolutely necessary.

Polish. The last step of a dental cleaning is polishing the teeth to create a smooth surface. The polish will help delay tartar build-up under the gum line and on the crown of the teeth.

Pet Dental Care In Medical Lake, WA

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