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Did you know you can order your pet’s medication(s), food, preventatives, and other supplies through our trusted online pharmacy, Vets First Choice?

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Benefits of Shopping Vets First Choice:

  • Fill your pet’s prescriptions online
  • Home delivery of your pet’s medications, food, and other essentials
  • Automatic refills
  • Online-exclusive discounts and rebates
  • Competitive pricing on popular medications, such as flea and tick preventatives, heartworm preventatives, and pain management medications
  • Free shipping on orders over $49*
    • *Auto ship required for free shipping on diets only

Potential Dangers of Unregulated Online Stores

Medications, foods and additional products sold through other online sites may be:

  • Counterfeit
  • Expired
  • Have not been labeled, stored, or shipped correctly

This can lead to consequences for your pet, such as:

  • Toxic products that may result in illness or even death
  • Medications that are ineffective in treatment
  • Catching preventable diseases

Your pet’s safety is our number one priority! That’s why we offer the same products through our online pharmacy that you can purchase from our hospital, and more!

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