Understanding Your Pet's Pain


This is how their ancestors survived in the wild. If they appeared sick or injured, they would be easy prey. For this reason, it is often difficult to know when they are in pain. Below are some clues to help you know when they are hurting. The earlier you know and get help, the more likely the doctor can cure what ails them and the less costly medical care is.

Understanding your pet's pain.

Behavior changes

Does your normally loving kitty not want to be petted anymore? Mellow dog becoming aggressive? Pet refusing to jump on the bed or climb the stairs? Excessively licking his chops? Hiding from you? Other unusual behaviors? If so, they could be in pain or feeling sick.


If your furry family member did not get their regularly prescribed medication or it was given with the wrong dosage, they could be feeling sick or in pain.

The doctor knows

There is often more than one way to administer medications such as injections, tasty chewables, sprinkling a powder on your pets food and more. Only your veterinarian knows what can work for you and your pet. Pharmacists and human doctors are not trained to dispence medications to pets. Do not use their advice unless they have extensive training in pet medications and animal physiology.

Human medications are usually dangerous for animals

The doctors at Medical Lake Veterinary Hospital strongly advise against giving your pets aspirin. There are many other human medications your pet should not get. Please ask one of our doctors before giving your pet any human medications.

Accomodate your pet

You can take steps to ease your pet's discomfort such as building a ramp, lowering the sides of the litter box, providing raised food and water dishes, etc. Be creative! Your pet will thank you.

Diet is key

It is very important pets who have any health issues or are elderly, are on the appropriate diet for them. Ask the veterinarian for her recommendation. She will also be making a diet recommendation at your pet's annual visit if she feels it is necessary. The correct diet can alleviate or diminish many diseases as well as other aches and pains.

Since your beloved pet cannot talk to you, you can save him undo pain and suffering by following these pointers. And if you ever have a question, please do not hesitate to contact our office. That is what we are here for.