Halloween Pet Safety


Halloween pet safety tips

1. Hide the sweets!

Sweets are not good for pets and many may be toxic, even in small amounts, especially chocolate! See our list of toxic foods for dogs and cats.

2. Throw away those wrappers!

Foreign body surgeries are an expense you can do without. Candy wrappers smell and taste good to our pets. They can cause a dangerous blockage that restricts breathing as well as vomiting and intestinal blockage.

3. Guard the door!

Many strangers, including strangely dressed children, can cause stress and a feeling of being overwhelmed, creating a desire to escape. Don't let Fido or Fluffy escape out the front door!

4. Is your pet identifiable?

If your pet DOES make a grand escape, it is important he is wearing an ID tag on his collar. His ID tag should have your cell phone number on it. Even better is to get him microchipped in case someone removes his tag. Make sure the microchip is registered with your current contact information. Our international microchips are easy to update via a computer or smart phone. And keep a current picture of your pet on your cell phone so you can share it when searching for him.

5. Pet costume safety

Pet costumes are a fun way to involve pets in Halloween. Make sure your pet can breathe, see, move, bark, drink, eat, and go potty when in his costume.

By following these simple tips, there is no reason you and your pets cannot have a wonderful fun and safe Halloween!